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F. Carl van Wyk

Projection and deprojection

Posted by Julian Rowe-Jones on April 27th, 2011

Julian Rowe-Jones FRCS (ORL)
Consultant Rhinologist and Nasal Plastic Surgeon

F. Carl van Wyk FRCSEd (ORL-HNS)
Fellow (in training) of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery


Nasal projection is a vitally important consideration during pre-operative planning, during rhinoplasty surgery itself and post-operatively it is a major determinant of the final result. A technique to create visual aids for analyzing a nose, particularly with regard to planning the ideal tip tip position, using a modified Guyoron approach is described The rhinoplasty surgeon must understandthe concepts of nasal projection and how surgical incisions and approaches may result in unplanned changes in this parameter.  The techniques for increasing or decreasing tip projection to produce a tip position that matches an ideal dorsal height and line are described, The relationship between tip projection and rotation and the nasal dorsum are explored.